Cuoghi s.r.l.

Main Offices
Via Garibaldi, 15 I.A.
35020 Albignasego (PD) - Italy

Via Leonino da Zara 9/11 I.A.
35020 Albignasego (PD) - Italy

Tel. +39 049 8629099
Fax +39 049 8629135

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A family businness that wants to grow investing on quality.

The firm Cuoghi Luigi started on 1973 as a one man business acting as sales agent of components for industrial facilities. In the mean time it started the production of centrifugal humidifiers for industrial air handling plants. In few years it became a leader producer of air handling units for mushroom growing rooms.

In 1978 fhe firm was turned into a partership (s.n.c.) and moved in the new building of Albignasego where it started the production of air dehumidifiers expanding in the mean time the range of humidifiers.

In the course of his activity the firm has always given the greatest importance to the quality of his products. Quality remains one of the main points of his development policy. Thanks to the considerable development registered in recent years, the company has decided on a new building next to the one already in use. It spreads over two floors with a total covered surface of 2,500 m2, thus taking the total production area to 3,500 m2.

Since the 1st of December 2003, the new building has become operative, giving space for part of the offices, the supply store, and the production part concerning the assembling and testing of humidifiers and dehumidifiers. In December 2004 the firm has been turned into limited company. Now the firm is entirely owned by Cuoghi family, whose members cover the key management positions.