The new UVP series steam humidifier with immersed electrodes produces sterile steam, is very versatile, easy to install and program, can be used and customized to suit many applications.

These steam humidifiers are made of stainless steel to provide strength and durability: the upper and lower base are molded plastic with high strength material to give lightness and rigidity to the entire structure. The whole machine is designed to maximize ease of installation and maintenance operations. The humidifier is equipped with a drain pump to ensure the correct discharge operation even in the presence of limestone and debris.

These steam humidifiers can operate in several modes: On/Off from external contact, proportional with built-in humidistat and 4...20 mA or 0...10 V probe with or without limit duct probe, proportional with external 0-10V signal, On/Off with built-in thermostat.

The cylinders are designed to be extremely efficient and durable. They are equipped with large openings for easy cleaning and maintenance. The electrodes are stainless steel for robustness and efficiency over time.

This foundamental component, with the software, allows the user to change a lot of parameters to personalise the functioning of the humidifier, adapting it to a wide range of applications and situations. The bright and colorfull display shows many informations in a concise and intuitive way. With the electronic control it's possible to connect up to 6 units in master/slave configuration: this way it's possible to increase the total capacity up to 288 Kg/hour. The electronic control can be also easily remoted up to 100 meters far from the humidifier.